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ECO-BIO BALANCE is the holding company for a group of businesses focussing on evolving health, sustainability and well-being through unique, innovative and validated health risk baseline assessments, well-being nutrition and detoxification solutions, nutrient dense foods aimed at raising cell vitality and detoxification and sustainable living in eco properties. Most other corporate assessments are based on a limited biomedical model which does not address real sustainable health and, up to now, have had no impact on business bottom line and wealth. Does your organisation use a holistically validated on going assessment of the health risk of the organisation?

To raise awareness of health risks, to measure and validate health risks and then to educate on natural and sustainable restoration of harmonic balance, health and well-being through an understanding of Epigenetics, Nutrigenomics and Homotoxicology to all people on the planet. In so doing, evolve the human species thus leaving a genetic health legacy for our children and for our children’s children.

Health is Wealth!