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365 Healthy By Choice Training Courses

You have a Choice 365 to Live healthily rather than waiting for when it’s too late. How to do this is to raise awareness and gain knowledge in the fields of HEALTH and WEALTH

These courses will enable you to gain awareness and a useful life-long skill in understanding natural health, wellness, body, mind, emotion, nutrition, other forms of nutrition, disease causes and management and how to gain financial wealth healthily. Health and Wealth are two aspects of your life which go hand in hand and are inseparable if we are to live our purpose and reach happiness and fulfilment.

The courses are NPQ certified (UK and International) and each candidate will receive an appropriate certificate.

  1. Optimum Nutrition to Raise Cell Vitality – Physician Heal Thyself

Using FOOD STATE Nutrients we will examine the correct sources of a variety of foods and the energy they provide the body, the ability to detoxify the body and build immunity, DNA, Stem cells and to Reset, Restore and Rebalance the body’s cells, tissues, organs and systems to optimise energy levels, enhance the mind to be think clearly and be free of anxiety and depression and free the emotions associated with ill health, stress, pain and disease. Increased awareness will enable you to choose healthy options on a day to day basis 365 and set up insurance against disease to avoid waking up too late.

  1. Disease Identification and Management

How to Determine the Root cause of disease and Identify Core illnesses

Basic health parameters and quantum scanning as a prerequisite to optimal health and wellness, physically, neurologically, emotionally and spiritually are used to accurately determine the root causes of disease, identify and validated risk factors achieving reliable results following resetting, restoring and rebalancing the body using appropriate nourishment and detoxification Health is the new Wealth. How to continuously “Play the Health Game Challenge” increasing your awareness to health and disease and the management thereof and raising your health to greater heights as you develop awareness consciously, sub-consciously and super-consciously. The course covers acute and chronic diseases such as acidosis, inflammation, hypoxia, hydration, blood sugar, blood pressure, cardiac, liver, kidney, lung, skin, gut, degeneration, muscles, nerves, bones, toxicity and radiation. If you accept self-responsibility for your health, want to think clearly, live productively this course is for you

  1. Health is the New Wealth

Define your financial wealth plan for Health and Fulfillment

Here is your opportunity to achieve financial wealth you did not know how to achieve by following tried and trusted easy steps across a variety of wealth creating options focusing on cashflow, reducing unnecessary expenses, spending carefully and investing wisely.  Drawing from tried and tested models the Step-by-Step guided 9 modules take you through an experience raising awareness to skills and information not taught at school!! We will guide you through an experience of a lifetime! Income, Expenses, Assets, Liabilities, Profit and Cash Flow, Good debt, Taxes, Financial Wealth, Savings, Property, Indices, Stocks, Trading and other exciting Fintech options. Planning on opening a new business, taking your existing business to the next level as your health improves and you reach higher levels of fulfilment, then this course is for you. We focus on Health, Wealth and Fulfilment.

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The format is a 9 module NPQ course with a week break between the 3-4 and 6-7 modules. Each participant will be required to read and understand the section in the course manual, read the section on the module, watch the video and get an over 80% pass for the questions before moving into the next module. There will be a final exam certifying the participant with an NPQ, UK and international rating. The graduates will be invited to become a member of the 365 HEALTHY BY CHOICE GLOBAL membership and attend a live event at major cities in the world to meet like-minded people and experience higher levels of Health and Wealth, ongoing training with Jane Q&A .

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